The T.E.A.M founder and artist, violinist Paul Florea was invited from Tokyo to play for this year’s very special anniversary of Takefu Special Steel Company in Takefu city, Fukui Prefecture.

Fukui is the Japanese prefecture located along the coast of the Sea of Japan. The Fukui Prefecture is known for its tourist attractions, such as the Eiheiji Temple. However, Fukui Prefecture is also famous in Japan for its steel industry. Takefu Special Steel, located in Takefu City in Fukui Prefecture, is one of the pioneers of the steel industry in Japan. Takefu Special Steel takes pride in their long history and the quality of their knives and industrial blade steel.
T.E.A.M artist Paul Florea had the chance to play together with Ora Reed, a renowned jazz vocalist coming from Los Angeles, who has performed in Brazil, Canada, France, the US and Japan. The highlight of the Takefu Special Steel anniversary event in Fukui Prefecture was the amazing jazz trio with local musicians, featuring piano, bass and sax.
T.E.A.M artist, Paul Florea has brought originality to the event with his joyful and energetic live performances which covered many styles from traditional gypsy music to classical music and gypsy jazz.

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